Routine Cleaning

If Dr. Cho were to ask you how often you are supposed to visit the dentist, would you be able to tell him? Many patients think that they only need to visit the dentist once per year or as needed for their dental checkups. It is important that you know this is incorrect information. In fact, you are supposed to have a routine dental exam and cleaning performed every six months. It is possible that you may need to visit our La Habra office more depending on if you have any underlying conditions. For example, if you have oral cancer or gum disease, an appointment every three months may be in order to check the progress of your condition.

Dental cleanings are crucial to your dental health and they are much more than just a swipe of a toothbrush and a pull of some floss. The cleaning itself goes farther than that and in our La Habra office, we use tools known as scalars and cavitron machines. The cavitron machine is a type of ultrasonic scalar that is used specifically to remove any tartar and plaque from your teeth. This tool is a bit different than traditional hand held tools because it does vibrate and operates at a high frequency.

If you want to know what the purpose of a dental cleaning is, it is to remove all of the plaque and tartar from your teeth. A buildup of these substances can lead to tooth decay and even gum disease. These conditions are painful and will require extensive treatment to remove them. A routine cleaning will check to make sure you do not have any dental issues and then quickly treat any that may be present.

The Routine Clean

If you are convinced you need to have a dental cleaning performed, you should contact our La Habra office now. We recommend that cleanings be performed on patients who do not have severe tooth decay, bone loss, or gum disease. If you do have any of the listed conditions, you will need to receive treatment for them first and Dr. Cho will walk you through your options at that time.

A cleaning is not able to be performed on patients with severe dental conditions because they may make the situation worse, hurt the teeth, or cause you pain. Dr. Cho takes his time to ensure you are always comfortable and do not experience a painful or stressful situation. At Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry, we will provide you with the best care for your dental needs.

When it comes to the teeth in your mouth, patients who have dental cleanings performed are more likely to keep their permanent teeth longer than those who do not practice good oral care. Patients who have poor dental hygiene will experience tooth loss, pain, and even bone loss in further advanced stages of gum disease.

If you think you have a cavity or if you are experiencing any type of pain in your mouth, call our La Habra office now to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cho.

How Is the Cleaning Performed?

If you have never had a cleaning performed or if it has been a while since your last one, now is the time to schedule one with us. When you come into our La Habra office, we will welcome you with a smile and open arms. We treat each one of our patients like they are family.

We will provide you with a questionnaire form that will ask you about your medical and dental health history. We need you to answer these questions to the best of your ability. Once you have completed the paperwork, one of our dental assistants will give you a tour of our office and then take digital x-rays of your mouth. These x-rays will be viewed by Dr. Cho and he will let you know if there are any areas of concern.

When it is time for you to receive your cleaning, your dental hygienist will come into the room and perform the cleaning. A typical routine cleaning ill take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Children only take about 30 minutes to complete. If your teeth are cleaned in less time than that, then they may not have been cleaned properly and you may want to ask for a second opinion.

Your dental cleaning will involve the use of scalars and polishing the teeth. The polishing takes place quickly and your hygienist will use a rubber cup filled with special polish. Your hygienist will then place the rubber cup on your teeth and you will feel movement and vibration as the cup spins. After the polish, your teeth will then be flossed to remove any reminiscence of food. If you or your hygienist do not floss your teeth, only about 60 percent of your teeth are being cleaned. Also, you can develop tooth decay if you only brush your teeth and never floss them.

If you do not know how to brush your teeth, ask Dr. Cho and he will show you how to do it properly, so that you can enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth all year long.

Schedule an Appointment for a Dental Cleaning

If you are in need of a dental cleaning or you would like to have a dental exam, call our La Habra office now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Cho.



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