If you happen to be missing a couple of teeth, you may have been told about dental bridges. A dental bridge works just like a bridge and it closes the gap where you have missing teeth. This tooth replacement option is one that is great for patients who are missing just a couple of teeth. The bridge is unable to be used if a patient is missing all of their teeth.

A bridge does require that you have teeth on both sides of the gap to anchor the bridge in place. Most bridges are a series of crowns, but you can have just a single artificial tooth as well.

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Most patients need a dental bridge because they are missing teeth. Patients who are missing teeth are often conscious about it and they are afraid to smile out in public. Instead of being afraid to interact with others, you should be able to enjoy your time and smile freely.

Some of the reasons why you may want a dental bridge include:

  • Cosmetic purposes
  • Avoid gum and bone loss
  • Prevents issues with chewing and talking
  • Prevents other teeth from shifting around
  • Restores your beautiful smile
  • Prevents embarrassment

How Is a Dental Bridge Put in My Mouth?

Having a dental bridge put in your mouth is not complicated and it does not cause any pain, but it does take a bit of time to do. In fact, you will need to come into our La Habra office multiple times to complete the procedure. When you come into our office for your consultation, Dr. Cho will sit down with you and discuss dental bridges with you.

The first step in the consultation is to perform an oral exam to look at your teeth and determine if your other teeth are healthy enough to receive the bridge. If you happen to need additional dental work done BEFORE the dental bridge procedure, Dr. Cho will work with you to ensure the procedures are performed.

Once you have been approved to move onto the bridge treatment, your teeth will be prepared to receive it. Often times, you may need to have a tooth sculpted or some enamel removed to ensure the crown can fit on the anchor tooth. Once the teeth are prepped, you will have an impression taken. This impression is then sent to the lab. You may receive a temporary bridge during this time, but it is not necessary, so if you prefer not to, simply let Dr. Cho know.

When your permanent bridge comes in, you will come back into our office to receive it and have it placed in your mouth. If a temporary bridge is in place, it will be removed at this point. Dr. Cho will cement the bridge to your anchor teeth and you will have the opportunity to make sure it feels right.

After you have had your bridge for a few weeks, you will come back into our office, so that we can check it to make sure that it is still in the correct place and working properly.

Is It a Permanent Fix?

Bridges are considered to be a permanent option in the sense that you are unable to simply put them in and remove them from your mouth. However, they are not permanent when it comes to a forever thing. You will need to replace the bridge every 5 to 15 years depending on how well you take care of the bridge.

While bridges are a tooth replacement option and include artificial teeth, you do need to make sure you brush and floss them to prevent them from breaking, wearing down, or become stained.

Contact Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry Today

If you would like to learn more about dental bridges or you would like to talk about some of the tooth replacement options available to you, contact our La Habra office today. Dr. Cho is always available to provide you with a dental consultation and we offer a number of cosmetic procedures to ensure you have the smile you have always dreamed of. Call our La Habra office today to schedule your FREE consultation with our team of experts.



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