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There are more than 26 million individuals in the US who have diabetes, and the worst part is that many of them do not even know that they have it. Also, some individuals have pre-diabetes or are at high risk for diabetes.

At Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry, we are committed to working closely with our patients to make sure they can receive the dental treatments that they need. Often, we receive a question from our patients about whether or not they can accept dental implants while having diabetes.

Diabetes is best known as a type of metabolic disease that causes the body to have a hard time processing glucose that is released. Your glucose levels are essential, and if they are unregulated, too high or too low, you could suffer from a coma or even death.

There are two types of diabetes which include Type I and Type II. Type I occurs when the pancreas is unable to make enough insulin for the body. This type of diabetes is typically treated using insulin injections and medications along with monitoring your blood glucose levels. Type II diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in the US and occurs when the body does not make enough insulin or when it does not respond to the insulin that is produced by the body.

Both types of diabetes can have severe complications including nerve damage, kidney disease, gangrene, and blindness. Changes in your glucose levels can be dangerous when not controlled.

If you have never been tested for diabetes, it is essential to talk to your primary healthcare provider. Some tests can be performed to check for issues with your blood glucose levels and identify if you are at risk for diabetes as well.

While diabetes can be managed, it is crucial that you work with your healthcare provider to learn more about it. Sometimes, diabetes can result in reduced healing, and many patients then question whether they can have dental implants or not.

How Diabetes Affects the Healing of Dental Implants in Individuals

People with diabetes often struggle when it comes to healing because they may experience a diminished ability to heal. Such can lead to open wounds and even infections. When glucose levels are high, people with diabetes may suffer damage to their blood vessels, which can reduce the amount of blood circulation. Narrow and stiff blood vessels lead to problems when it comes time to deliver blood to your eyes, gums, kidneys, and other body organs.

In addition to blood circulation problems, you may experience elevated levels of blood sugar that lead to a diminished inflammation response within the body. One of the first steps to the wound healing process is to reduce inflammation in the body. If your body is slow to respond to this, it can lead to tissue damage.

Dr. Kenneth Cho wants you to know that the dental implant surgical process is considered quite routine and not too intrusive. This is ideal for diabetics, especially those with controlled diabetes. Over the years, Dr. Cho has continued to follow studies to see that diabetics can have dental implants. Research results have shown that both diabetics and non-diabetics receive the same success rate of about 95 percent, despite their blood glucose levels. The only concerning factor is the healing time, as diabetics with uncontrolled glucose levels experience a slower heal.

People who have diabetes can receive dental implants and do not have to avoid them or choose another type of treatment. The benefits of dental implants far outweigh the issues that may arise from diabetes. It is important to make sure that your diabetes is controlled because if it is not, you may experience a slower healing time overall.

If you have diabetes, you will need to talk with Dr. Cho to learn more about whether you are a good candidate for dental implants or not. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call our La Habra office and receive a dental consultation with Dr. Cho.


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