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Don’t Try DIY Braces – Can Cause Serious Dental Problems

When you jump on the Internet, you will find that there are many different trends, meme clips being shared, and people connecting with one another. The Internet is a great tool, but it can also present some problems when someone sees something that they think is cool and then try to replicate it. There are some bad ideas that have circulated on the Internet and one of them is DIY braces. This is a trend that is extremely dangerous. It was created by a girl named Gabby and she wanted to avoid treatment from an orthodontist, so she utilized earring backs to create a set of braces for herself.

You never want to try this, and Dr. Kenneth Cho wants to talk to you in our La Habra office about your orthodontic options. Dr. Cho will provide you with some information below about what DIY braces are and the risks that are associated with them.

So, what exactly are these DIY braces that we speak of?

If you do not know what they are, that is for the best. DIY braces are ways to straighten your teeth at home without the help of a trained professional. Teens have sensationalized this idea, and it has caused serious injuries to many of them.

If you have ever seen videos for gap bands, these are the same as DIY braces. Often, teens fail to realize that these DIY braces can lead to tooth loss. Teens are often draw into the idea of these bands because they look cool or fun, or they seem to work.

Individuals who try to use DIY braces probably have a good reason for doing so. For example, a teen may be afraid that they will be made fun of if they have traditional metal braces, so they seek out the alternative. They also may be worried that the treatment will cost too much.

While you may have a reason for trying them, they are not safe, and you should never attempt to do it.

Will DIY Braces Ever Be Safe?

No. DIY braces are the farthest thing from being safe, and they will never be safe either. You may be tempted to try them anyways, but there are risks associated with them and Dr. Cho wants you to be aware of what those risks are. Let’s take a look below.

Your teeth can become damaged. Whether permanent or fixable, DIY braces can cause problems with your teeth and lead to severe damage, which can cause you to need restorative procedures to fix the problems they caused. Your gums and tooth roots suffer the most damage and trauma when you try gap bands.

Your teeth can fall out as well. It is possible for you to lose your teeth when you make use of DIY braces. When the bands become trapped under the gum and wrap around the tooth root, which causes the roots to resorb and teeth to fall out.

The AAO (American Association of Orthodontics) warns that tooth loss due to gap bands can cost close to $20,000 to repair. Teens are unable to receive dental implants until they are at least 18, which puts a complete damper on the situation.

The only individuals who should recommend or utilize treatment for your teeth is a dentist or orthodontist. Dr. Cho is trained to handle all orthodontic needs and know how to handle and straighten your teeth.

Straightening teeth is a process that takes refinement and precision, which most people are not going to have or know how to do. If the teeth are moved too quickly, they can be damaged, and the roots may resorb and cause severe tooth loss in your mouth.

Call Today for a Consultation

If you think that you are in need of orthodontic treatment, call our La Habra office today. Dr. Cho is a local expert in treatments that are safe and approved for use on your teeth. You do not want to try DIY braces as they can only cause more problems and take away from the beauty of your smile.

Dr. Cho offers consultations here in our office in La Habra and we would love to meet you and talk about your smile needs. Call us today!


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