Your Guide to Sinus Lifts

Do you find that you are missing teeth and need to find a solution that will work best for you? Not all patients can receive dental procedures that will improve their smile simply because they do not have enough jaw bone to facilitate the procedure. Fortunately, there is a procedure that can restore and help regrow bone in your upper jaw bone. A sinus lift is the right procedure and its sister procedure is the bone graft. For one, this procedure sounds a lot nicer than the latter of the two.

If you do not have enough jaw bone for dental implants and you want them, you will need to undergo a sinus lift to help add bone back into your top jaw. This procedure is very beneficial and can improve your overall oral health.

Dr. Cho is proud to be able to offer sinus lifts in his La Habra office and if you think you may need one, now is the time to call our office and schedule a consultation.

What is a Sinus Lift?

Many patients do not know what a sinus lift is and it may sound like a simply procedure. Luckily, it is pretty simple and you will be able to have dental implants in no time once you are healed. If Dr. Cho tells you that you need to have a sinus lift, he will go over the procedure with you and explain it to you in thorough detail.

The sinus lift is a type of procedure that adds bone to your upper jaw. Bone added to the lower portion of your jaw is called a bone graft. The upper portion of your jaw needs to have enough bone to support dental implants otherwise, they may fall out and fail.

Typically, during a sinus lift, the bone is placed in between the sinuses and upper jaw. The bone cannot simply be added into the jaw without making some room for it, which is where Dr. Cho will lift up the sinus cavity to make some room.

Dr. Cho is experienced in this procedure and is ready to provide you with the best care. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with us.

Why Should a Sinus Lift Be Performed?

A sinus lift accomplishes one thing and that is to replace missing bone in the upper portion of your jaw. There are many reasons why you may be missing bone in your upper jaw with the most common being from gum disease.

Other reasons include tooth loss and trauma to the mouth. It is important that you undergo a full evaluation by Dr. Cho before you have any of the procedure performed. If it is determined that dental implants are the right choice for you, then a sinus lift may be the best option for you.

Benefits Offered by a Sinus Lift

There are several reasons why you would want to have a sinus lift performed. If you want dental implants, then you may need this procedure to add bone to your jaw. If you do not have enough jaw bone, the implants will not be anchored in place and you may lose them.

Since dental implants improve and boost your confidence, you may want them to enhance your smile. You will see yourself in a better light and you will not have to be worried about how other people view you either.

Lastly, sinus lifts can help preserve your facial structure and prevent it from sagging when you do lose bone from tooth loss.

Risks Associated with Sinus Lifts

As with any procedure, there are always risks associated with a procedure and you need to be aware of them. The risks for this procedure are considered to be minimal, but Dr. Cho will still go over all of them for you to make sure you are completely prepared for the procedure.

One of the most important risks to keep an eye out for is infection. It is not common, but it can happen and may lead to pain and an extended recovery time. If you think you have an infection, you need to let Dr. Cho know right away.

Another risk that is associated with this procedure is a tear in the sinus membrane. This often happens when the membrane is moved. If it does happen, you will need to wait until the membrane is healed to have the sinus lift performed again.

Lastly, you may experience some slight bleeding, swelling, or pain. If you experience moderate symptoms or your symptoms concern you, then you should contact Dr. Cho immediately.

How is the Sinus Lift Procedure Performed?

A sinus lift is performed right here in our La Habra office by Dr. Cho. The procedure will start with an incision into the gum up by your cheek and upper jaw. Once the incision has been made, the gum is then pulled away from the teeth and folded back. Dr. Cho will then have access to your upper jaw.

Once accessed, Dr. Cho will make another incision into the bone, which will then allow him to move it as needed. Your sinus membrane will be moved to a higher position to allow for additional bone. The new empty space will now be filled with bone or bone material and then stitched together to heal.

After the procedure, you will be able to go home, but you will need to let the area heal for up to six months.

Schedule Your Sinus Lift Appointment Now

If you are interested in having a sinus lift procedure performed, you must contact our La Habra office and have a consultation with Dr. Cho FIRST. During your consultation, Dr. Cho will determine if you are a good candidate and when the procedure can be performed.

If you would like to setup your appointment, contact our office now and we will schedule at a time that is convenient for you. Call us now to discuss your options with us.



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