Healthy Mouth Tips

Healthy teeth do not just happen and they take work. This also means that you may find yourself in a position where you need orthodontic treatment. Many patients will look towards orthodontic treatment in adulthood and one out of every five orthodontic patients is an adult. Whether you did not receive the proper orthodontic care as a child or you have found that your teeth have shifted, you may be in need of orthodontic treatment now. This is okay because the team at Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry is here to help you.

Misshapen, crooked, and teeth with gaps can lead to problems later on down the road. This means that a crooked tooth may develop tooth decay or even become chipped due to being too close to other teeth. Orthodontic treatment can provide you with the healthy teeth you desire and you will not have to worry about poorly shaped and aligned teeth.

Orthodontic treatment makes good oral health happen. Many of the advances in the industry have made it possible to receive treatment without the worries that used to tag along with them. Orthodontists are able to work closely with your dental practitioner to develop a treatment plan for you. Dr. Cho works as an orthodontist too, which means you can receive treatment right here in our La Habra office.

This type of treatment will help correct your bite, align your teeth, and provide you with the straight smile you need to show it off in public. Dr. Cho is your local La Habra orthodontist and is ready to speak with you about your dental care.

FAQ About Dental Orthodontic Treatment in Adults

Below, we have provided you with many of the answers to the questions we receive in our office. We have found that these are the most popular question and we are confident that you will find the answer you need. If you do not, please call our office today.

Are all dental appliances noticeable?

No. There are many dental appliances that are invisible in nature. These unnoticeable options are very popular and many people choose them because they do provide the flexibility needed to receive treatment and not feel awkward in social situations. If you would like to explore the invisible dental options, now is the time to call our office.

Can orthodontic treatment be received at any age?

Yes. Orthodontic treatment can be received at any age and it is effective for adults too. Healthy teeth can be moved and straightened without any interruption to your daily life. Orthodontic treatment will help improve your overall smile and bite. In addition, it will decrease the risk of any type of future dental issues that may arise in the future.

Will I still be able to do what I love?

Yes. Orthodontic treatment will not limit what you can and cannot do in your life. You will still be able to play instruments, kiss your lover, and more. You will find that there are also options that can be removed to allow you a ton of flexibility.

How will I know if I am a good candidate for treatment?

A good candidate is someone who is healthy and in good oral health. Dr. Cho will inform you if you are a good candidate for the procedure. He will look over your teeth and determine which treatment option is the best for you.

How much will it cost me?

The cost of treatment will vary based on the procedure you need to have done and also how long the treatment will be. It is important that you speak with Dr. Cho FIRST if you want to know how much the procedure will cost. We can provide you with a quote for service and let you know if your insurance provider will cover any of the procedure.

Will treatment hurt?

No. Treatment is not designed to hurt and it is relatively easy on the mouth. If you do receive a dental appliance, you may experience some discomfort in the beginning as your mouth adjusts to the changes. This is normal and will subside in time.

Will my smile or bite be improved with treatment?

Yes. Your smile or bite will be improved with the treatment you receive, but it will also depend on whether or not you are missing teeth and what your desired end result is. Dr. Cho will go over your options and help you determine which option will provide you with the best

Do I need to head into your office often once I have received treatment?

Yes. You will need to come into our office at least once every six months to receive a checkup. At this appointment, Dr. Cho will look over your mouth and make sure that the appliance is in good condition and does not need to be adjusted.

Can I receive treatment if I have had gum disease in the past?

Yes and no. Some patients are able to receive orthodontic treatment after gum disease while others are not able to. Dr. Cho will be able to let you know what your options are after you visit our La Habra office.


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