Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry is proud to be able to offer you some of the best periodontal therapy throughout the entire La Habra area. We want to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth for life. It is important for you to pay attention to the health of your gums and alert Dr. Cho if you notice that there may be a problem. Periodontitis is a serious form of gum disease that has reached a severe level, which can lead to poor dental health.

Many patients have no idea that they have gum disease until it is too late. Periodontitis does not simply form overnight. In fact, gum disease starts out in the early stages as gingivitis and then progresses into periodontitis. Allowing your gum disease to reach the severe point can means that you may have bone loss and tooth loss as a result. It is imperative that you contact our La Habra office if you believe that you have gum disease.

Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry provides you with the best periodontal therapy in our La Habra office and we will cure your gum disease and help you live a healthy life without the fear of tooth loss.

Periodontal Therapy in Our Office

When it comes to periodontal therapy, you may not know what to expect or where to turn. This type of treatment is effective at clearing up any disease or infection that you may have. The periodontal therapy we offer includes three steps that you will go through over the course of the treatment.

Step 1

The first step in the treatment process is to diagnose the condition. This means that you will need to come into our La Habra office and meet with Dr. Cho. At this point, you will have a full mouth consultation and Dr. Cho will look at your gums and teeth. Once you have been diagnosed with periodontitis, you will be informed about the next steps and how to proceed.

One of the best things about our La Habra office is that you never have to ask for an exam to be performed. Dr. Cho takes your dental health seriously and we provide a FREE exam with each consultation and dental checkup. This also allows Dr. Cho to catch any signs and symptoms early on.

Step 2

The second step in the process is the treatment. During this step, you will receive different forms of treatment for your gum disease. The treatment that you receive will be tailored to meet your needs, but the treatment itself is aggressive and will work quickly to eradicate the problem. Most periodontal therapies require multiple treatment options for the best results.

One type of treatment you may receive is a form of non-surgical gum therapy. This therapy allows you to skip oral surgery, but receive the care you need. This process is known as a deep cleaning or root scaling and planing. This process will remove all of the plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth and roots.

In addition to our deep cleaning, you may receive prescription antibiotics to help eliminate the infection and bacteria. If your gum disease is severe, oral surgery may be recommended.

Step 3

The last step in the process is the maintenance step. During this time, you will need to allow your gums time to heal. You will come into our La Habra office for multiple visits, so that Dr. Cho can check on your gums to make sure they are healing. You do need to have regular checkups and maintain good oral health throughout this time.

If you did lose any of your teeth due to the gum disease, this is the time to discuss tooth replacement options with Dr. Cho.

Schedule Your Appointment with Us Now

If you would like to have your gums checked for disease or you think you may have gum disease, now is the time to call our La Habra office and schedule your checkup with us. We are committed to providing you with the very best care throughout the entire La Habra area. Dr. Cho is understanding and caring when it comes to your dental health. Call our office today for an appointment.



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