Root Canals

If you are experiencing any type of pain within your mouth, you may be concerned and worried about where it is coming from. RCT or root canal treatment is a type of treatment that involves Dr. Cho taking the tooth’s nerves from within the tooth. The pulp of the tooth is removed during RCT. It is important for you to let Dr. Cho know if you are experiencing pain in your mouth and where it is coming from. If you feel pain in your tooth when you eat or drink something hot or cold, this can signal a problem.

Root canal treatment is designed to remove the pulp from the inside of the tooth, clean the tooth out, and then seal it to ensure that the tooth does not have to be extracted. Dr. Cho will often recommend that you have a root canal performed before you have the tooth removed. This is because you need to keep as many teeth as possible, but if extraction is the only option, it will be performed.

When you come into Dr. Kenneth Cho Dentistry for a root canal treatment, you may need to be here for a single day or you may need to come in for two total visits depending on the severity and how Dr. Cho wants to handle RCT.

When you have a root canal performed, you do not have to worry about pain with the procedure. Many people think that the procedure is painful, but it is not. In fact, the procedure is just like having a simple filling. When you come in for your appointment, Dr. Cho will use a local anesthetic to number the area around where the root canal is to take place.

Before the anesthetic is given to you, Dr. Cho may rub a gel anesthetic around the area to pre-numb it for the anesthetic. Once the area is numb, the procedure will begin. Dr. Cho will start out by placing a damn around the tooth to keep it dry during the procedure. Next, he will use a specialized tool that will allow him to gain access to your tooth.

The tool allows Dr. Cho to make a small hole in your tooth. Once the hole has been created, the tool will be inserted into the tooth to remove the pulp. After that, Dr. Cho will clean the interior of the tooth to ensure that all bacteria are removed. If it is not, tooth decay can occur and you may need to have another root canal performed. Once the tooth has been cleaned out, it is then sealed to protect it. Often, a crown will be placed on top of the tooth to help add another layer of protection.

Dr. Cho is your La Habra dentist and is skilled and experienced in RCT. Dr. Cho has performed hundreds of them here in our La Habra office and has the tools needed to ensure a comfortable and painless experience. It is important for you to know that some patients do experience some discomfort during and after the procedure. While this is not common, it can happen. If you do experience sensitivity or pain, Dr. Cho may provide you with a pain medication to be taken while you recover at home.

Why Is a Root Canal Needed?

There are many different reasons for a root canal, but the main reason it is performed is to ensure that your tooth is saved and that an extraction is not needed.

1. Severe Tooth Decay

If you have tooth decay that is not handled in the early stages, it will progress and become worse. When this happens, you may need to have a root canal performed to save the tooth and remove all of the decay. A filling will not help with severe tooth decay and your two options are RCT or extraction.

2. Pain

If you are experiencing pain in your mouth or you have any type of sensitivity, this is often a sign that you need to have a root canal performed. Sensitivity to hot or cold items is one of the first signs that there is an issue and you need to call our office the moment you realize something is not right. Once you have received the root canal procedure, you will no longer experience pain any longer.

3. Pre-Crown Restoration

Sometimes Dr. Cho will recommend that a root canal is performed when you need to have a crown placed on your tooth. The reason behind the root canal treatment is that your tooth needs to be prepped for the crown itself. If the tooth’s crown is not large enough, the shaping may come too close to the pulp or nerve of the tooth. This can cause pain and sensitivity, so to prevent that from happening, a root canal will be performed. If you do need to have the root canal performed, Dr. Cho will let you know right away and you will be able to decide on further treatment.

Removing the pulp from the center of the tooth will actually help you and prevent you from feeling a bunch of sensitivity.

4. Infection

It is possible for you to have an infection occur within your tooth. This infection is not caused from tooth decay, but typically from bacteria or it may just simply arisespontaneously. When this happens, the tooth’s nerve needs to be removed.

Inflammation and infection is often the first sign that there is a problem with your tooth. If you think something is wrong with any of your teeth, you need to receive care for them right away.

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