Two Phase Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a specialized field within dentistry and it involves correcting the bite and alignment of your teeth. If you have never received orthodontic treatment and are in need of it, then you may want to discuss your options with Dr. Cho. Our team of experienced dental assistants and certified, top rated La Habra dentist can help you choose the best treatment for your needs and provide you with the timely care that you need.

In our office, we offer what is known as a two-phase treatment. This type of specialized treatment is designed to provide you with the absolute best care possible. We will ensure that you are always looked after and that you have the proper information on how to care for your new orthodontic appliances.

If you would like to discuss your options with our La Habra dentist, we ask that you please call our office today to setup an appointment with us.

Why Have Two Phase Treatment Performed?

Two phase orthodontic treatment is a highly-specialized process where tooth straightening is combined with facial and physical changes. The purpose of the two-phase treatment is to provide you with the opportunity to obtain a functional, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing smile that makes you happy to look at. Your smile will remain stable throughout your life and once you complete treatment, you will be able to enjoy a gorgeous smile that you can’t wait to flaunt.

What Happens if I Wait to Receive Treatment?

You may want to wait to receive two phase treatment until it is right for you, but you should not wait. If fact, if you put off treatment, you may need to have other invasive treatments performed later on down the road. Your smile may not be able to be completely fixed with the two-phase treatment and this means that you may need additional work to achieve the results you want.

Early detection and early treatment of your condition will lead to a fast and seamless treatment period. Remember, the longer you wait, the longer the condition has to persist.

Below, we will discuss the two-phase treatment below to explain everything to you. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cho if you do not understand any of the treatment explanations below.

Phase One of the Two Phase Treatment

Phase one in the treatment is considered to be a solid foundation to provide you with a lifetime of beautiful smiles. The goal of phase one is to help your jaw develop in a way that will allow your permanent teeth to help your bottom and top ja fit together properly without any problems.

Children will often show signs that there is a problem with their teeth and jaw as they develop. An upper jaw that grows too narrow or too much can result in problems later on down the road, but this condition is easily diagnosed in children.

Children who have this condition and are over the age of six are considered to need early orthodontic intervention and can receive it. Crowded teeth will only result in problems later on down the road, so early treatment can prevent the need for tooth extractions later on in life.

Save Your Smile in the Future: Planning your orthodontic treatment now can save your smile in the future. The earlier that children receive care, the better. Early treatment can prevent tooth extractions that may be needed later down the road and can prevent any surgical procedures needed due to overcrowding in the mouth.

Determine Your Unique Treatment: Your orthodontic records will be used to help determine what type of treatment you need and what type of treatment will best meet your needs. In addition, x-rays and molds made will be used to determine the length of treatment and how many visits you need to make to our office. When your child comes in for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Cho will take a look at his or her records to find out how a condition progressed or how it has improved.

The Resting Period

The resting period is a time within phase one that will allow the permanent teeth to heal and allow the remainder of them to erupt before treatment is performed. Dr. Cho will not recommend any retaining devices for your child’s mouth if all of his or her teeth are not erupted. It is better to allow all of the teeth to erupt first and then seek out treatment for them. A successful phase one will create more room for the permanent teeth to grow in. If the phase one is not performed or successful, then your child’s teeth may be displaced or impacted.

Phase Two of the Two Phase Treatment

Phase two is designed to keep your teeth healthy and allow them to remain bright and beautiful throughout the course of your life. This phase has one goal in mind and that is to make sure that each tooth is exactly where it should be in your mouth and that it is in harmony with your tongue, cheeks, lips, and other teeth. When a proper equilibrium is achieved, your teeth will work together and you will enjoy every bite you take.

Phase two often requires the use of metal braces to achieve the best results. You will likely have to wear your braces for anywhere between 18 and 3 months, but treatment may be shorter or longer depending on your exact needs and what is trying to be accomplished.

Retainers are often worn at the end of this stage to help ensure your results and keep your teeth as straight as possible.

Further Treatment After Your Orthodontic Treatment Ends

Sometimes, patients will choose to have additional treatment performed such as teeth whitening or dental implants for missing teeth once they have received their orthodontic treatment.

If you would like to discuss your options with Dr. Cho, now is the time to call our La Habra office and speak with us to schedule an appointment.



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